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Why choose us?


  • We provide stimulating and exciting activities ensuring that we put your child's interests at heart. 

  • We have worked hard to make our environment child focused and to allow children who attend our nursery to grow and learn through play.

  • We provide a safe and secure environment.

  • We pride ourselves on having qualified and experienced staff who are always eager to learn and keep up to date on new research on child development.


What is child-initiated play?


Child-initiated play allows for the children to take a lead in their learning. They choose their own resources and our staff facilitate their learning experience. We do of course still have adult led learning times such as key worker time and mealtimes as well as focused activities.

The environment is a vital factor in supporting child-led play. We have areas to meet the different needs of play which enables our children to participate in child-initiated activities and use the space to build on their ideas and experiences. Quiet areas allow children to observe others and gives them time and space to reflect on their learning. Our environment encourages investigation and exploration to take place. This supports children in thinking of ideas and alternative ways to build on activities.

The outdoor environment is a great way to nurture the minds of children and encourage child-led play. The large open spaces and the breadth of natural resources enable children to use their imagination and problem-solving skills to develop their play. Adult initiated play can offer opportunities for the children to think of alternative ways to access activities and build on what they have learnt to create a wider learning experience.

Healthy  Meals 


We understand the importance of a balanced diet and therefore want to provide your child with high-quality nutritious meals. We, therefore, have our own nursery cook who makes home-cooked meals for lunches and we provide children with a healthy snack during every nursery session.


Click on the menu buttons to see our menus. 

Rates from 2 to 3 years:


Full time        £188.00 per week
Full Day         £47.00 

AM                £27.00 (8am-1PM)       

PM                £27.00 (1pm-6pm)

Rates from 3 years:    


Full time        £168.00 per week
Full Day          £42.00
AM                 £26.00 (8am-1pm)

PM                 £26.00 (1pm-6pm)    

Baby Rates up to 2 years:

Full time        £188.00 per week
Full Day               £47.00
AM                      £27.00 (8am-1pm
PM                      £27.00 (1pm-6pm)



Our Mission 


In order to foster the children’s positive sense of self and self- esteem, we will ensure that the experiences, family background, interests, abilities and cultural heritage will be positively celebrated and reflected across the service.


We will support the children to use the resources and the environment in a way that will develop their independence and problem-solving skills.


We will help the children build positive relationships with other children and adults develop their confidence and provide them with a positive happy nursery experience. 


The staff are brilliant and Sienna now loves coming to nursery - I would definitely recommend!

Sienna's Mum

Friendly staff, updates via newsletters and on social media about events. I love how far Jessica has progressed since starting.

Jessica's Mum

Fantastic nursery, Isla loves it here. Can't wait for her sister to join here next year! Fantastic staff!

Isla's Mum

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