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Free Childcare for 3 & 4-Year-Olds!


If you are a working parent of a 3-4 year old earning under 100,000 each with all parents in the home working over 16 hours you are eligible for 2 and a half days of free childcare!


All 3 and 4-year-olds can access 15 hours of free childcare at Ryhope Early Days Nursery! The free early education entitlement is available to all children aged three and four years old, and children become eligible the term after their third birthday.

Please give us a call to arrange a visit with your child. We are offering the 30 hours flexibility - this means you can have them as 30 hours over 38 weeks of 24 hours over 48 weeks. You can do this as every morning, every afternoon or 2 and a half days of the week!*

*Sessions to be arranged with the Nursery Manager.

3 and 4-year-olds meal costs are £2 for lunch and £1 for tea.


Click on the "Get Started" button below, fill in your details and contact us with your code to reserve your child's place! 


*Places are limited and subject to eligibility and availability*

2 Year Old Funding -Am I eligible?


In addition, many families across Sunderland can benefit from free childcare places for two-year-olds.

Families must be in receipt of one of the following benefits to be eligible for a place:


If eligible, children aged two can receive 15 hours a week during term time only or 12 hours for 48 weeks of the year. Children can take up their place in the term after their second birthday. Their place is available until they start their nursery education at age three.


Meals are included in the funding for eligible 2-year-old places.

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