Nadia is Managing Ryhope Early Days she has been with the nursery since its council owenrship in 2015 and has recently come back to the role of Manager. She is desginated person for Safeguarding. When not at work Nadia can be found walking her dogs down the beach or spending time with her family.

Lynda is our Nursery Senco. Lynda is passionate about supporting children with additional needs and disabilities. She has done extensive SEND training and is always happy to chat to any parents with questions. When not at work Lynda runs Brownies or enjoying some me time at the gym.

Natalie has been at Ryhope since 2009 when the nursery was council run and is now Deputy Manager. Natalie loves to get the children outside and enjoying outdoor learning. Natalie is our deputy designated person for Safeguarding. When not at work Natalie can be found at the gym or walking her dog!

Jackie is one of our fantastic Childcare Practitioners. Jackie loves getting the children involved in being creative and has even been known to shed a tear when she see's true learning purely from a child's imagination! When not at work Jackie can often be found at the Cricket Club.

Tammy is our Nursery Cook, she is a master at striking the balance between nutritious and delicious food. Everyone loves her cooking! In her spare time she is very busy with her two young children!

Carol is another of our Childcare Practitioners. Carol really enjoys encouraging children doing what they set out to do.  When not at work Carol enjoys amature photography and travelling, she also volunteers for the ALzheimers Society.

Linda is another diligent Chidldcare Practitioners and is our baby expert. Linda is passionate about supporting development from birth and loves songs and ryhmes with the babies When not at work Linda spends time with her dogs and looking after her grandchildren, she is never off duty!

Alison is a passionate Childcare Practitioners. Alison really enjoys encouraging literacy and engaging the children in stories and does a lot of work with intervention boxes.  When not at work Alison enjoys socialising with her friends.

Rachel is a dedicated Childcare Practitioner who is very interested in child development. She is incredibly patient. Outside of work Rachel enjoys spending time with her friends.

Tasnim is a calm Childcare Practitioner who is interested in how children learn and is studying this at university when she is not at nursery! Outside of work Tasnim enjoys spending time with her family and  friends.

Louise is another of our hardworking Childcare Practitioners. Louise loves encouraging messy play and engaging the children in role play and sparking their imaginations!  When not at work Louise enjoys spending time with her boyfriend. She is very interested in travel and would love to see the world!

Laura is a hardworking Childcare Practitioner who really enjoys getting children involved in arts and crafts. Outside of work Laura enjoys spending tim with her boyfriend, family and her dog.

We see ourselves as educators and are an enthusiastic team who love helping the children learn and seeing them grow as people!


We believe that it is very important to provide staff with training and development opportunities so that they, in turn, can provide the children with effective learning and teaching. Our staff have therefore undergone lots of training to be the highly trained team that we are. All staff are trained in Safeguarding, Paediatric First Aid, Food Hygiene. On top of this, we have done a lot of training as a team on developing learning environments and child initiated play. All staff have their own interests and specialisms, with many of the staff being interested in Autism and the development of early communication. Each staff member follows an individual training plan - tailored to their interests!


Our staff also work hard to work with parents as partners, as we believe children are best supported when staff and parents work together. 

                   Meet the team!